1. What is The Sunday Run?

Every Sunday at precisely 12am Eastern Standard Time, we receive a shipment from our overseas workshops. Like clockwork the crates containing our timepieces are loaded into our big yellow truck. And, like clockwork on the only road out of the docks, our truck hits the same meteorite sized pothole & we lose a crate. Bad for us. Good for you. As soon as that crate hits the street so do the prices of the watches.
It will take us exactly 24 hours to discover that "Big Yellow" completed its run minus the some of our very special cargo. 24 hours is precisely how long subscribers to our newsletter "The Movement" will have to get their hands on these brand new beauties at their "running" price. But when Midnight strikes, the Invicta Recovery Team swoops in to claim the remaining, notoriously missing cargo & just like a dream, the watches vanish. And trust us, you don't want to mess with the dudes who drive "Big Yellow", we saw it happen, once...

2. I spilled a decaf mocha soy latte on my keyboard. Can you repeat that?

Ah... The Sunday Run! Every Sunday, from 12 am to 11:59pm subscribers to "The Movement" get their chance to buy our "missing" watches at street prices. The timepieces will be available until they sell out or we recover them at the stroke of Midnight. Once they are gone, they're gone! And, we can never guarantee that model will ever be a pothole casualty again.
Now go get a real coffee & mark those Sundays on your calendar!

3. Does only one watch model fall off the truck each time?

What do you want, an assortment? Well, lucky for us only one model falls off the truck. But lucky for you, our not so well trained puppy is on your side, and he loves to sneak extra models in the crate behind our backs. This will continue to occur until he learns to listen to our commands, which could be any time between next Sunday and never.

4. How many watches are in the crate?

We never know. Crate sizes vary, as does the size of the watches themselves and the boxes they are in. It's a complicated equation of mass times volume tim... oh just come back each Sunday and see for yourself!

5. Is there any way to find out shipments ahead of time?

Of course! Would you like the winning Lottery numbers ahead of time as well? Just send us your home address and we'll have the Invicta Recovery Team deliver them personally. Actually, you can just click Big Yellow's Schedule to find out.

6. Don't the watches get damaged when the crate hits the ground?

Silly person, these are Invicta timepieces. Now allow us and other readers a moment to laugh at the absurdity of your query.

7. Why don't you just lock Big Yellow's door so the crate doesn't fall out?

Look, there is no pothole. There is no Big Yellow. And there is no Invicta Recovery Team. We're just having a little fun, okay? So play along.

8. What do I need to do to buy "on the street?"

You need to subscribe to The Movement, the free Invicta e-newsletter, which will be delivered to your email address. It contains the latest product information, Invicta news and recent trends.

9. Is there a limit to how many watches I can buy?

Yes. You can purchase no more than 3 watches at a time. That's about 12 watches a month. So clear out some space in your sock drawer.

10. How do I pay?

With a smile on your face and sympathy in your heart for all the suckers out there paying top dollar for watches of lesser quality. Oh, that and a credit card.

11. Do the watches come with a warranty?

Yes. Each piece comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. You will also have the option of purchasing our Platinum Plan Extended Warranty, which offers an additional 4 years. Repair and service information will also be provided with your timepiece. Not bad for a watch purchased "on the street."

12. How are the watches shipped?

All orders are shipped ground. We now offer shipping to Hawaii and Alaska for an additional charge of $20.00 .

13. Do you ship internationally?

Nope. Not at this time. Sales are U.S. only. Pray for more potholes in Switzerland.

14. How do I contact you?

You can pick up a phone and dial our unlisted, constantly changing, random numbers to disposable cell phones. Or you can just reach us at the Invicta Headquarters by e-mail, sundayrun@invictawatch.com or phone at 954-921-2444 or 1-800-327-7682, between 9:00 am and 5pm eastern standard time.

For assistance, email us or call 800-327-7682, 9am to 5pm EST Mon - Fri